Our values

Our Values & Culture

Our Vision

Adatasol, Inc. will triple in size to become one of the largest developers in the region with both SaaS software products in the market place but continuing to offer high quality consulting services to build best in class custom applications for your business. We are driven by the pride we have as we relieve our clients’ pain. We constantly improve our camaraderie by having fun – in our work and in our interactions with each other. We believe that providing our services to a variety of businesses, both large and small, is an integral part of continuing to succeed.

Our Culture

Our development team maintains a solid track record of being on-time and on-budget with great results. Your time is important to us, and we want to be certain you find high value both in our customer service and the finished product. We believe that being behind schedule or charging unrealistic prices leads to failure in the long run.
We will work diligently to avoid surprises. If a project’s scope should change due to unforeseen parameters, we will continuously update estimates as we learn more about the solution you need, keeping you posted on timeframes and costs as much as possible so you can always be prepared. With new Filemaker applications, we focus our energy on talking through your issues, needs, and workflow so we fully understand the project. This deliberation also guides us in designing your perfect business solution.

Our Values

At our core, we strive to be a team of people-oriented developers and staff.

1. Be Humble, but Exude Confidence. 

  • We are customer oriented and focused, but we also have the expertise and confidence to advise them of the best practices and workflows in our areas of expertise
  • We interact with each other respectfully and without ego getting in the way, but still will have the courage to have difficult conversations

2. Be a Hero.

  • Our goal for our clients is a 10 to 1 return on their investment in us
  • As a team, we give back to the community with our time and efforts
  • We go above and beyond to assist clients and team members
  • Have a solution mindset. Be a doer and a solver

3. Relationships Matter. 

  • We are people driven and build positive relationships and connections amongst ourselves, with our clients, and in our community
  • We are exceptionally team-oriented
  • Actively listening, asking questions, gain a clear understanding of where others are coming from in communication

4. Constantly Be Improving

  • We push ourselves to be constantly improving and help nurture each other to further our skills, abilities, and ourselves
  • We actively strive to always improve our products, people, and processes throughout our company

5. Time Is Precious. Time is the most important investment that can be made. We value our time for both family and work, respectively.

  • Time is the most important investment that can be made
  • We value our time for our clients, our work time, and our family time, respectively
  • With working from home being the new normal, we protect our family time, set boundaries, and make sure we separate mentally from work during family time
  • Timeliness and taking action when appropriate
  • Responsiveness

6. Have Fun, Make it Fun, Be Fun!

  • Life can be stressful, so we inject fun and humor into our daily lives. We do our best to have fun, make it fun, be fun!